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Το PCLoginNow είναι ένα εύκολο στη χρήση εργαλείο για να επαναφέρετε - αλλάξετε τον κωδικό του διαχειριστή και των άλλων λογαριασμών στα windows.Έτσι δεν χρειάζεται πλέον να κάνετε επανεγκατάσταση των windows εάν έχετε ξεχάσει τον κωδικό του διαχειριστή. Υποστηρίζει όλες τις εκδόσεις των windows.

Βασικές δυνατότητες:

  • 100% recovery rate: PCLoginNow resets any passwords on ANY Windows with 100% successful rate.
  • Support Syskey : PCLoginNow can easily by
    pass Syskey mechanism and reset the Windows passwords.
  • Offline running PCLoginNow runs on Linux Live CD.
  • Securest technique: PCLoginNow uses the securest way to reset passwords and other settings. You don't have to worry about System corruption after using PCLoginNow.
  • Supported Filesystems PCLoginNow supports all Windows filesystems including NTFS, FAT16, FAT32.
  • Supported Operating Systems PCLoginNow is able to handle all popular Windows operating systems. Including Windows Vista, Windows XP/XP with SP2, Windows 2003 server , Windows 2000/NT.
  • Supported Hardwares PCLoginNow runs on Linux CD which indicates most of the new Hardwares are supported by PCLoginNow. Computers with IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB or Firewire(IEEE 1394) Hard Disks as well as a wide range of PCI PCI-EX card are completely supported.
  • Easy to Use PCLoginNow is designed for non-professionals, which means everyone can access their computer in no more than 5 minutes.
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2 Σχόλια:

karmanirvami είπε...

exeis kati paromoio giati to
sygkekrimeno einai mono gia
pelates ths etaireias!

Ilias είπε...

Φίλε μου θα το ψάξω και αν βρω κάτι θα σου πω....

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